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Etched Latte Art: Easy Cat Drawing



Brew coffee & froth milk with your coffee maker. Choose a cappuccino mode for the thickest froth.

Pour the espresso into the big round cup. We chose a clay pot, a new trend around local coffee shops.

Gently pour in the milk froth, try to create a big round bubble with the froth. You can also use a spoon and scoop out some foam to form a bubble.

Take your etching pen and dip it into the brown part, put a drop of foam in the white bubble to make it look like an eye. Wipe the etching pen clean with the napkin and repeat to make another eye.

Dip the etching pin in the white foam and draw the ears from the two sides of the bubble.

Drew a little smile and a nose using the same technique. Remember to wipe the etching clean after every single use to avoid mixing the colors and making a mess.

You may also leave just a little bit of froth in the frother as a backup in case you need to correct the cat face at some point.

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