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Cookie Coffee Cup

An awesome way to serve your coffee!

Try out our easy and fail-proof cookie cup recipe.

Ready under 40 minutes.


60 g Butter 40 g Brown Sugar 1 Egg

130g Flour 40g Oats 100g Dark Chocolate


Step 1

-Beat 60g butter and 40g sugar until fluffy, then stir in 1 egg.

Step 2

-Add 130g flour, mix until combined. Fold in 40g oats.

Step 3

-Form the cookie cups inside the molds and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C / 350F 30min. Let them cool completely before taking out.

Step 4

- Melt 100g dark chocolate, pour chocolate into the well of each cookie.

Step 5

-Make cappuccino with Seven&me coffee maker.

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